‚ÄčIn 1990 a group of Christian men of various denominations formed a prayer group to help support one another in their faith in God. The group adopted the name, Christian Layman Corps (CLC.) Within a short time, the group expanded its focus to include community outreach. The group decided to assist needy families in the Westmoreland County. CLC continued to grow garnering the support of individuals, churches, agencies, and foundations. Soon the outreach stretched into West Virginia and Kentucky.


Christian Layman receives donations of clothing, household goods, and furniture which are sold at greatly reduced prices. Sales from these items provide funding for the store's operation as well as programs. Also, the donated items are provided free of charge to clients that present an immediate need.

CLC is a group of nearly ninety volunteers, five part time employees, and two consultants that are tasked to ensure that needy families in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania receive the necessities of life.

Christian Layman is dedicated to improving the lives of the economically disadvantaged by helping individuals and families in crisis obtain food, clothing, household goods, and furniture.