CLC provides clothing, household goods, and furniture to needy families that present vouchers awarded to them by county agencies.

CLC operates six programs of which it is immensely proud. See our programs page.

CLC was J & S Chevrolet in 1929.

Monthly operating costs of $27,000 each month cover mortgage, utilities, salaries, trash, repairs, services, equipment, supplies, and truck expenses (loans, fuel, repairs, tires, and tolls,) but does not include special programs.

CLC has almost 90 volunteers.

"Big Red" is a refrigerated vehicle that carries foodstuffs to West Virginia and Kentucky.

In June 2016, CLC was awarded a plaque for outstanding community partnership in aiding homeless veterans by Family Services of Western Pennsylvania.

If you are aware of any grants that may benefit CLC, please inform us.

Since January 2003, 1,402 van loads of bread and other foodstuffs  supplied by local businesses were transported to Appalachia Helping Hands for distribution to families in Uniontown.

CLC donates glasses to the blind, cell phones to veterans organizations, linens to local pet shelters, children's clothing to local day care centers, and household goods, food, clothing, and furniture to partner satellites in Westmoreland County, Fayette County, Washington County, Pennsylvania as well as areas in West Virginia and Kentucky.

CLC was a Chevrolet dealership in 1935

CLC is "on the Lincoln Highway."