CLC is searching for old / vintage pictures of the building. Please email, drop copies at the store, or post on Facebook.

Christian Layman accepts

donations of food, clothing,

household goods, and

furniture Monday through

Saturday 10 AM through 2:30 PM.

We gladly pick-up good usable furniture. Please understand that we do not repair any furniture items. Our drivers must turn down items they feel are not suitable for our use.

Christian Layman requires

a picture ID for Westmoreland

County residents when

vouchers are presented.

NEW small appliances (toasters, microwaves, toaster ovens, crock pots, mixers, hot plates, can openers, etc.) are needed for the Larry R Garlock Veterans Program.

Christian Layman is proud and

grateful for the help of nearly

ninety volunteers, But there

is room for YOU!!! Come join

us help others!

Although CLC receives grants to help fund programs, donations from individuals are desperately needed as well.

Please do not send clothing items on wire hangers. We can not recycle them and we find it costly and messy to trash the hangers.

Make certain that your drop-off donations of clothing and household goods are bagged and boxed.