Clients identified through county agencies, disaster relief organizations, military organizations, churches, etc. are provided free of charge clothing, household items, and furniture.


The Bed For Every Child Program provides a new bed, dresser, frame, and linens to families identified through four partner county agencies.

The Emergency Food Program provides a few meals free of charge to hungry families not eligible to sign up for the Food Pantry at our location or are new to town.

The Food Pantry, located within CLC, provides food to qualifying families through the Westmoreland County Food Bank. CLC is able to supplement the food boxes with donations from businesses and local citizens.

The Emergency  Bed Program provides a reconditioned mattress, frame, and box spring to children identified through county agencies.

The Larry R Garlock Veterans Program aids Westmoreland County homeless veterans identified through the Homeless Veterans Program. Eligible veterans receive clothing, household goods, and furniture. New small appliances are also provided.